Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daily Bible Meditations by Email

by Andrew Camenga

The Helping Hand's Daily Bible Meditations are now available for delivery by email. The sign up process is easy and requires you to confirm your email address. After confirmation, the Scripture passage and meditation will be sent to you each morning—making it easier to stay up-to-date.

Now that you can get them so easily, here are some suggestions for …

Using The Helping Hand Devotions by: Gordon P. Lawton

The Helping Hand has suggested Bible readings and short devotional thoughts for each day. To help your personal devotional time with God, the following outline is offered.

Get settled in your devotional spot. A place where you can read, pray and think without interruption is best. Being in the same place for your devotions helps develop this positive habit.

Begin with prayer. A suggested prayer follows. Your prayer should help you focus on God and recognize His presence with you.

I am here in Your presence my Lord and my God. Knowledge of You and direction for the hours ahead are what I seek. You know my heart and my thoughts. Instruct me in Your way. Encourage and direct me. May the memory of this intimate season with You be sweet and whet my appetite for our future appointments. Amen.

Read the Scripture.

Think about the Scripture.

  • Is God saying anything to me today in this passage?
  • What can I learn about life as a follower of Jesus Christ from this passage?
  • Did I learn something I did not know or had forgotten?

Read the devotional thought. Ask similar questions to those above.

Think about the day ahead and the need for God's encouragement and intervention.

Pray. Tell God about your love for Him, needs for the day, concerns for others, anything that is in your heart or mind.

Go. Be productive and aware of God's presence with you in all your activities.

(first published in the Fall 2000 Helping Hand)



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